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Command/Award Boards

Chain-of-Command and Organization Wall Boards and Plaques


We design and fabricate custom wood and HDU chain-of-command and organization chart boards and wall plaques of all sizes from 24 inches to 120 inches wide, for all five military  services, police and fire departments, Federal, state and city government agencies, corporations and companies, and clubs.  They can use photos and/or engraved brass plates with the names of officers in the organization hierarchy. They all have multiple names, ranging from those with a few  photos to  several dozen  brass plates . These are typically made of wood (African Mahogany, Redwood, Cedar and Oak) but we also make them using High-Density Urethane (HDU).

These fully custom command and organization plaques typically have several of the  following features:

  1. Carved raised painted text for permanent positions (e.g., Commanding Officer, CEO, President, VP, Manager, Commodore,  etc.) 
  2. Picture frames with glass covers for easy to change-out photos                            
  3. Brass slide-in holders for engraved brass name plates which can be changed out easily     
  4. 2.5-D multi-level or 3-D bas-relief  carved and artist-painted or metal-plated (brass, bronze, aluminum or copper) seals, emblems, crests, insignia, coat-of-arms, or  logos 
  5. For small, very detailed artwork, printed giclee vinyl appliques  mounted on carved pedestals
  6. Gold or silver leaf gilded letters or artwork 

 Prices for  these wood  command and award boards range from less than   $800 for smaller plaques (2 ft x 2 ft)  to over $3500 for very large boards (i.e., 6 x 5 ft),  Boards made of HDU instead of wood are significantly less.   Call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at for specific prices for your custom command and award board .