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Custom Carved Dimensional Artist-Painted High-Density-Urethane (HDU), Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Bronze, Brass, Aluminum, Gold & Silver Wall & Podium Plaques

Welcome to the website of The Wood & Metal Plaque Company, a division of Art Sign Works, Inc., that specializes in designing and manufacturing custom wall and podium plaques.  We  design and carve a wide variety of standard, custom and personalized hand-crafted authentic and  beautiful wood, bronze, brass, silver, gold and painted High-Density-Urethane(HDU)  3-D,  2.5-D , engraved, and 2-D dimensional plaques. 

We have made over 6000 different custom plaques for a wide variety of government organizations across the US, including the White House, Executive Departments, Congress, the Department of Defense and  all six military services, Federal & State courts, and  state, county & city governments  and their police & fire departments.

We specialize in making wall, podium and desk plaques featuring the seals, emblems, medallions, medals, crests, coat-of-arms, command boards, award boards, perpetual recognition plaques, insignia, badges and shoulder patches.  We also make  custom wall plaques featuring the seals , logos, and coat-of-arms for universities, schools, companies, churches, clubs, and homes.

Fig. 2 - We have made plaques of the Seals for the White House Situation Room and for the President of the United States. We have several other plaques in the White House, in the Executive Dining Room, in two Executive Offices , in the Gift Shop, on Air Force 1, and mounted on podiums. The wooden plaque President Biden is holding was carved from Mahogany.

We display photos of over five thousand plaques carefully organized by types (client category)  and design styles (material and carving relief)  on this easily navigated  website. If you can't find a design you like, we will make you an orginal design at no extra charge.  Call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at  and Regina, Christie or Liz will be happy to help you! We offer the highest quality materials, superb workmanship, outstanding customer service, reasonable turnaround times (typically 30 days from order to shipment), and factory-direct affordable prices to government, commercial, non-profit and consumer clients. We also offer wholesale prices to retailers and resellers, and discounts for buys of 3 or more identical plaques. All our plaques are manufactured in the USA ,  using American-made materials.


Above is shown a 9 ft diameter carved 3D 24K gold-leaf gilded HDU plaque of the US seal which we made as the centerpiece of the US Pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE. This large plaque has an interior steel support structure. We make and ship large and small plaques and signs to most countries anywhere in the world

We have made wall and podium plaques for the White House, Air Force 1, Congress, the Supreme Court,  10 Appeals courts and over  50 District, Bankruptcy and Magistrate Courts, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and many Pentagon offices, and 30 State Governor Offices. We use the same materials and exquisite craftsmanship on every plaque we make  as we do for these high-visibility plaques.

The short video below summarizes the different types of plaques we make and the creativity and  workmanship that goes into each and every plaque.


Short Video of the Products of the Wood Metal Plaques Company (Sound available)

We design and fabricate  the following styles of custom and personalized wall and podium plaques:

  1. Carved 3-D bas-relief,  2.5-D multi-level raised relief, and engraved dimensional  plaques that are artist-painted in gorgeous, brilliant colors      
  2. Highly polished or antiqued  bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, nickel-silver,  24K gold or  pure silver plated plaques  , and cast or machined solid  bronze and aluminum  plaques       
  3. Beautiful natural and stained mahogany, cedar, redwood, maple and oak wood plaques  carved in 3-D bas-relief , 2.5-D multi-level relief,  or V-carved engraved           
  4. Economical 2-D Sintra board and Mahogany veneer plaques with  printed giclee  photos & seals and engraved brass plates 

These are briefly described in the section "Plaque Styles" below. Each is described in more detail in our six  STYLE web pages (click in gold masthead above). 

Most plaque manufacturers only offer a single style or material for plaques; we offer  a wide selection of styles and materials that will fit into nearly any budget.  Our plaques range from simple, low-cost giclee printed flat plaques (they look great by the way, from a distance they look like 3-D carved plaques) to elegant intricately carved 3-D bas-relief, artist-painted, gold and silver-leaf gilded wall plaques. We make plaques in sizes from 8 inches to 12 feet wide. You are welcome to consult with our knowledgeable customer service representatives, Christie, Regina or Elizabeth (LIz).  to select an appropriate custom, personalized or standard plaque style with the appearance you want at an affordable price.


On this website we show photos of over 2000 photos of  examples of custom 2-D, engraved, 2.5-D multi-level,  and 3-D bas-relief carved wall and podium plaques that we have made. These feature seals, insignia, emblems, crests, badges, medallions, logos, coat-of-arms, and personnel and scene photos as artwork.  We also make command boards, award, retirement, memorial, perpetual name plates,  and photo  plaques  for government, military, companies, universities, clubs, churches, and homes & families.  We can make a custom or personalized plaque in the size you want with any artwork or text.

We make large plaques for exterior installations as well as smaller interior wall plaques.. This free-standing 8 ft diameter plaque (one of two) was made for the new Federal District Courthouse in Nashville, Tennessee . It has an aluminum back structure, and a 3-D US Great Seal and letters carved from High-Density-Urethane (HDU) gilded with 24K gold leaf.

Who We Are

The Wood and Metal Plaque Company is an independent family-owned business founded 16 years ago . It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Art Sign Works, Inc.  Since then we have supplied  authentic, creative and beautiful wall and podium plaques to over 10,000 satisfied customers.

Our custom  plaques and their materials are all made in the USA by skilled and experienced American artists, artisans and  craftsmen, some of which have been with us over 10 years. Each plaque is individually hand-crafted, made to order to your specifications. Our craftsmen and artisans consider each plaque a unique work of art, and take great pride in producing the very finest custom plaques available. 

Our Design and Manufacturing Factory

A group of Our Designers, Artists and Craftsmen

Above are a few of our plaques we completed recently.

If you can provide us a sketch (no matter how rough),  a drawing or photo, or describe in words  the plaque you want made,  we will design and make you a plaque you will be proud of. We do not mass-produce these plaques with molds, and we have no "off-the-shelf" plaques, although we do make "standard" plaques like US Federal government and military seal plaques with official seals or emblems that we have made hundreds of times.  Fig. 1 at the top of this page shows  examples of different types and styles of plaques we have recently made.


You can download our PDF catalog, Art Sign Works Signs & Plaques (click) . This catalog is 52 pages so it will take 10-20 seconds to download. Our plaque prices are listed on our Price page (click), or you can click on "PRICE" in the top gold banner.

Christie is one of our 3 friendly Customer Reps

If you’re looking for a top-quality custom plaque company with friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives, experienced  skilled craftsmen and artisans,  and a professional, customer-centered business process,  you’ve found it. We will work with you every step of the way to design and carve your perfect wood, metal or hand-painted custom or personalized wall plaque.  We make long-lasting plaques from 8 inches to 10 feet in diameter, for both inside and outside locations. These are easily mounted on walls or podiums due to their light weight  and built-in attachment hardware.


We have made over 1000 Federal, State and local courthouse and courtroom seal plaques. This 36 diameter wall plaque installed in a California Superior Courtroom is carved in 3-D bas-relief and plated with brass metal, which has elevated areas polished. The background has a bronze patina.


Our plaques are economically priced, because of our efficient computerized 3-D designs made by creative graphic artists, our  automated computer-controlled manufacturing techniques using state-of-the-art precision carving machines, and our our hand-finishing and artist brush painting by our talented artisans and craftsmen. We make these plaques in our modern 12,000 square foot factory in Murrieta, California.  If you view our Testimonials page, you will see we have many satisfied clients for whom we have made  beautiful, elegant and long-lasting  plaques.

You can call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at  for information or a quote.  Regina, Christie, or Liz are our knowledgeable and friendly Customer Service Representatives who will provide you a fast response. You can also click on the quick link tabs on the top right of the gold masthead to fill out a form,  to request a quote, to send a file, or place an order.

Which do you want, a Plaque or a Sign?

Large 8 ft diameter plaque . It has an aluminum back structure, and a 3-D US Great Seal and letters carved from High-Density-Urethane (HDU) gilded with 24K gold leaf.

Plaques, in contrast with signs,  are usually ornamental and decorative, with a minimum of text and emphasis on artwork.  Plaques can be used to identify, to provide information, or to commemorate an organization, a person or event. They are usually mounted on walls or podiums inside  buildings or ships. However, our plaques can also be mounted on outside walls or monument bases. Signs, as contrasted with plaques,  identify or advertise a place of business, a product, or a location, or can post information, rules  or a direction (e.g. traffic & wayfinding signs). Signs are usually placed at an entrance, on a building,  on a street post, or inside a building, and can be large (up to 30 ft) or small (less than 1 ft wide).

One of our Signs on

Signs can be mounted between posts, hung from a beam or scroll bracket, mounted on a monument base, or mounted on a wall or roof.  Art Sign Works, Inc, our parent corporation, has made over twelve thousand different types of large and small signs, which can be viewed on

If you are looking for an exterior sign for a residence or vacation home (including address number /property name signs), farm, ranch, business, professional office, church, park, apartment complex, etc., please visit Art Sign Works, where over 12,000 signs are displayed and organized according to type category (i.e, customer group). The website you are presently on  displays  primarily carved wood and metal indoor plaques, and does not display signs.

Types of Plaques (Client Categories)

We Design and Fabricate Plaques for Many Types of Government, Military, Law Enforcement, University, Business, Sports Team, and Family Customers

We make large as well as small plaques, for both inside and outside use. These 3-D artist-painted HDU, Mahogany, and brass plaques show the wide variations in the styles and materials we use in making our beautiful larger plaques


The gold / silver text box on the upper left of this page lists these various types of plaques; you can click on a client category to go to that Gallery page. You can also click on the TYPE  title in the gold masthead  above for a pull-down menu that lists these various client categories.

Our 52 page catalog can be viewed by clicking on this link " Catalog of Custom Dimensional Wood & HDU Sign and Plaques".   This will take 20 to 30 seconds to download. This is a PDF Document that can be best read in the "Full Screen"  (slideshow) view mode. Retail prices are given  by clicking on "PRICE" in the gold masthead above.

We offer plaques of the Great Seals of the six armed forces and DoD in several styles, including carved 3-D artist-painted, bronze, brass and aluminum, natural wood, and economical printed giclee versions, with a style for every budget. Substantial discounts are offered for the full set of 5 or 6 plaques.


Our  plaques have wide variations in prices, depending on size and style. The Figure directly below with the three plaques  shows our three basic relief styles, 2-D flat relief , 2.5-D multi-level relief, and 3-D bas-relief. These can be made of different materials, including natural solid wood, artist-painted High-Density-Urethane (HDU) , metal-coated HDU, Sintra board, and Mahogany veneer wood. Our STYLE page describes these in detail.  

All 2000 photos of plaques on this website has a Style Category  listed in the second or third paragraph in the text description under the photo (click on the photo or title to expand the photo and read the text to get the Style Category (e.g., 1.1.5)  of that plaque, then look up the price for different size plaques with that Style Category on the Price List at the bottom of the PRICE page). 




The DoD and five military service seals displayed in a House of Representatives Hearing room. .

2-D Giclée Economy Plaques. Our lowest price economy 2-D  giclee printed plaques feature digitally-printed full-color giclee printed vinyl appliques mounted on a  round  or rectangular  solid wood or acrylic base. The retail prices for this type of two-dimensional (2-D) flat custom plaque are as low as $150 (Sintra or acrylic base) to $185 (Mahogany veneer wood base) for 10 inch diameter plaques.  A set of 5 individual matched 10 inch diameter service Sintra plaques has a price of $700 plus shipping. The same style plaques in a 18 diameter size have prices of  $235 (Sintra) and $245 (Mahogany veneer) each.  A set of five individual 18 inch diameter matched  Sintra giclée plaques  (an example is Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard seal plaques) has a price  of $1050 plus shipping.

These low prices  assume we have made a previous plaque of the same artwork design  ( featured in one of our Galleries of over 2000 photos, including photos of 3-D plaques), or for new artwork, that we are provided a print-ready JPEG photo or colored drawing of the artwork for the plaque. These are  Style Categories  1.4.1 ( Mahogany veneer plaque) and 1.4.3 (Sintra plaque)  shown in the table at the bottom of the PRICE page.   Many examples are shown on our 2-D Giclee Plaques web page. A set of five or more service/Agency seal plaques has a discount of 10% compared to these individual plaque prices. We use high-resolution photos of our 3-D carved artist-painted, metal-plated, or stained wood plaques, rather than line drawings from the internet; from a distance they look exactly like our 3-D carved plaques, except they are flat instead of 3-D. They are  gorgeous because of the very high quality glossy color printing.

Carved 2.5-D  Multi-Level Plaques. Our  carved 2.5-D multi-level or engraved  hand-crafted and artist-painted plaques have prices about twice that of the 2-D flat plaques with giclee printed art. These prices  depend on the size, material, carving complexity, and number of colors. Prices for  custom carved  18  inch diameter 2.5-D artist-painted HDU or stained wood custom plaques vary from $350 to $650, depending on art complexity, number of colors, etc.. Prices increase with size.  The table at the bottom of the PRICE page gives prices for carved 2.5-D plaques of various sizes, materials, styles, and number of colors.

 About 80% of our military unit plaques are carved in 2.5-D multi-level flat or engraved relief,  using  High-Density-Urethane (HDU) as the substrate. These are very popular and look great. Many times the artwork provided to us for custom military plaques does not benefit from 3-D rendering, and we recommend a 2.5-D relief carving which looks nearly as good as 3-D and is 1/2 to  2/3 the price. Our 2.5-D relief plaques carve faster and are much faster to paint than 3-D bas-relief plaques, so they have lower prices. Most of our military and many of our government,  university and corporate plaques are carved in 2.5-D relief. 

Large Carved 3-D Artist-Painted Coat-of-Arms of British Coat-of-Arms, We made six of these for government buildings of a Commonwealth member nation.

Carved 3-D Bas-Relief Plaques. Our premium  plaques are carved in 3-D bas-relief,  using  wood (usually Mahogany, Cedar, or Redwood), or High-Density-Urethane (HDU) as the substrate. These are higher- priced carved 3-D bas-relief artist-painted plaques, and have prices about 3 times that of the 2-D plaques. These are  very high  quality plaques, which usually feature great seals, and are often ordered by higher level commands in the military services, federal and state government agencies and courts.  Prices for 18  inch diameter 3-D artist-painted or bronze, brass or silver-plated  HDU or stained wood custom plaques vary from $700 to $950 each. Prices increase with plaque size.  The table at the bottom of the PRICE page gives prices for carved 3-D plaques of various sizes, materials, styles, and number of colors. 

 These high-quality plaques may require  from 8  to  24  hours of machine carving time,  and then 4 to 8 hours of artisan work  to hand-sand and artist-brush paint or metal polish them. They are unique works-of-art for our most discriminating clients.

We make plaques in three different levels of relief, as shown above. Engraved plaques are in the same price category as 2.5-D relief plaques. Prices increase from left to right.

We do not  mass-produce our  2.5-D or 3-D plaques using molds; even our most popular "standard" plaques such as the US Great Seal or 5 military seals are hand-crafted. Wood plaques have higher prices than High-Density-Urethane (HDU) plaques, and multi-color plaques have higher prices than 1 or 2 color plaques. Metal-plated plaques are more expensive than painted plaques, and 24K gold and silver-leaf gilded plaques have the highest prices of all our plaques, because of the cost of materials and time required by our artisans to precisely hand-gild complex shapes. 

If you have a drawing, a photo or you can describe in words your seal, badge, insignia, crest, or coat-of-arms,  we can create  a custom 2-D, 2.5-D, or 3-D plaque for you in your price range.

About 70% of our plaques are carved in 2.5-D multi-level flat or engraved relief,  using  wood (usually Mahogany, Cedar, or Redwood), or High-Density-Urethane (HDU) as the substrate. These are very popular and look great. Many times the artwork provided to us for custom plaques does not benefit from 3-D rendering, and we recommend a 2.5-D relief carving which looks good and is about half the price. Our 2.5-D relief plaques carve faster and are much faster to paint than 3-D bas-relief plaques, so they have lower prices.

Most of our military, university and corporate plaques are carved in 2.5-D relief. However, our high-visibility government plaques for the White House,  Federal  departments, embassies, Federal & State courts, the Pentagon, State Governments & police & fire departments are carved in 3-D relief to show off the artwork of the seal or badge. Our graphic artists create  2.5-D or 3-D geometric models using advanced graphic design programs, which we then use to control  precision 3-D computer-controlled machines which carve the plaques to specified shapes. Craftsmen then hand-sand  the plaques , which are then artist-painted,  metal-coated, or stained .

Plaque Styles (Materials and Design Features)

We make four general styles (materials) of  plaques: (1)  PAINTED: 3-D (bas-relief) , 2.5-D (multi-level flat or outline relief), and engraved plaques which are artist-painted in many colors, or 1 or 2 colors; (2) METAL:  Metal-plated and solid metal  3-D,  2.5-D, and engraved plaques; (3) STAINED WOOD:Natural and stained 3-D , 2.5-D and engraved hardwood and softwood plaques; and (4) PRINTED GICLEE:  low-priced 2-D flat plaques with  artwork and text digitally printed on long life cast vinyl using a giclee process, mounted on either a solid mahogany or acrylic base.   We can also use two or even three of these styles on a single plaque, such as gold-leaf on Mahogany, aluminum or brass-clad Redwood, giclee vinyl on wood or metal; painted areas on metal or wood, etc.  All  of these can be completely customized, and  are carved by a combination of computer-controlled carving machines and hand-carving, sanding and polishing/burnishing by our craftsmen and artisans. The first three general styles of carved plaques  are shown in Fig 8 below and are described below the  figure.

We Have Three Generic  Styles (Materials) of Carved Dimensional Plaques, Artist-Painted High-Density-Urethane (HDU), Metal-Plated HDU, and Natural/Stained Wood

The five general styles of plaques we make are described below. There are many design variations in size, shape,  carving style, surface finish and color scheme for each of these four general styles, as described below. Click on the gold text to visit that style section. The STYLE section provides  a good overview of our various design styles, and hundreds of photos of examples of plaques we have made with each style are shown in individual style pages. You can click on the gold text to go to the web page that describes this style in more detail.


1. Artist-painted  plaques. These are precisely carved from High-Density-Urethane (HDU) (sometimes wood), and are hand-painted by our artisans with artist brushes and  air-brushes with high-quality, long-lasting automotive-type sign enamels. They can be carved in three different styles: (1) three dimension (3-D) bas-relief,  (2) 2.5-D flat or outline relief, or (3) engraved  (V-carved or flat bottom)as shown in Fig 7 above. These are painted in multi-color, two colors, or a single color scheme with the highest quality paints available, Matthews polyurethane acrylic (MAP) paint and 1-Shot sign enamels.

2.  Metal-plated  plaques  These are carved from from High-Density-Urethane (HDU)  and are then plated with bronze, brass, copper, nickel-silver , aluminum , or stainless steel  metals, or gilded  with 24K gold (see plaque on left) or fine 0.99 silver. They can be carved in 3 different styles, similar to painted plaques, 3-D, 2.5-D and engraved  (see Fig 7 above).  We polish and burnish the text and artwork, and can paint or apply a patina to the backgrounds to provide higher contrast.  We also offer solid cast 3-D and 2.5-D bronze and aluminum plaques.  


3. Natural and stained solid wood plaques.  These are carved  from premium grade kiln-dried clear heart furniture-grade woods  such as African Mahogany, American Walnut, Western Red Cedar, California Redwood, Maple, American Cherry, and Red Oak. They also can be carved in 3 different styles, 3-D, 2.5-D, and engraved (see Fig 7).  These are either stained or left natural, and then clear-coated twice to give a fine finish. Sometimes we paint text and the artwork with colors, and leave the background natural or stained.

4. Economy 2-D  Giclee photo prints on Mahogany veneer & Sintra  plaques .   These economical plaques have artwork and text which are digitally-printed in  brilliant colors on long lasting sign vinyl. We usually use high-resolution photos of our  carved 3-D  or 2.5-D artist-painted, metal-plated or wood  plaques we have made previously  (see Items 1 through 3 above), rather than drawings, so these look like dimensional plaques at a distance. However, we can also incorporate a high-resolution photograph  or drawing  supplied by the client or available on the internet as The Giclee appliques can be mounted on either a 1/2 inch thick Mahogany veneer  or a 1/2 inch thick Sintra board  substrate.

5. Perpetual Plaques and Award, Recognition, and Chain-of-Command Boards 

We design and fabricate custom wood and HDU perpetual plaques and award, recognition, chain-of-command and organization chart boards and wall plaques of all sizes from 24 inches to 120 inches wide, for all five military  services, police and fire departments, Federal, state and city government agencies, corporations and companies, and  clubs of all types, including civic, golf, yacht , and fraternal . These can use easily replaceable photos and/or engraved brass plates with the names of past & present officers, club champions, or award winners.  They all have multiple names, ranging from those with a few  photos to  several dozen or even hundreds of  brass plates . These plaques are typically made of wood (African Mahogany, Redwood, Cedar and Oak) but we also make them from  High-Density Urethane (HDU).

You can click on a specific style of a plaque listed in the pull-down menu in the gold masthead at the top of the page STYLE to go to a page which shows photos of many dozens of examples of this style along with descriptions and prices.

We can make any plaque you want out of natural wood (stained), artist-painted High-Density-Urethane (HDU),  or plate them with any of several types of metallic coatings/color schemes, or combinations of these techniques.  We can also put digitally printed long-lasting full color giclee vinyl (photos of family members, scenes, objects, or very elaborate painted or digital art) as an applique on any HDU or wood plaque. 

Fig 9 - We Can Combine our Our Wide Variety of Carving, Materials and Coating Techniques to Produce Elegant and Unique Plaques 

We Make Plaques Featuring Badges, Emblems and Patches for the Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Departments using Mahogany, Brass, Bronze & Aluminum, and Gold-Leaf Gilding

We can combine different carving techniques,  materials, and painting / staining / plating / gilding methods on a  single plaque. The Figure above shows 3 examples. We often use Mahogany plaque boards and carve 3-D HDU appliques which are either multi-color painted or metal-plated, to mount on the Mahogany. We can cut out text and artwork from thin sheets of aluminum and mount these on 2.5-D  Mahogany or Cedar plaques with raised text and art. The contrast between the shiny metal and rough dark wood is striking. We can hand-gild  V-carved text of Mahogany plaques with 24K gold or silver leaf. We also make separate cut-out metal, stained wood and painted HDU letters. We can provide a 3-D bas-relief cast bronze or aluminum  plaque featuring the face or figure of a person if we are provided a good photograph. 

Navigating this Website

This site is easy to navigate using common website techniques.  The main navigation aids are listed in the gold masthead above. If you cannot see the text in the gold masthead, please click on the "Maximize" icon (small box) in your browser window, very top right, so this window fill your full screen.   Hovering on an a text item in the gold masthead activates a pull-down menu, where you can hover on one of the names on the list to select a web page. A dark gold underlined bar appears indicating a link and the text turns to gold once a web page is selected. Click on that name link to go to that web page.


In addition to the items listed in the gold masthead we have added a detailed list of our plaque  types (customer categories) in the silver box on the left side of this HOME page. You can can click on a category to go directly to that  page. There is also a search box in the upper right of the gold masthead, where you can enter a key word (e.g., "FBI") and results will be displayed listing pages where examples of this are shown.

For each of the main sections, there is a secondary menu of items listed immediately below the gold masthead  spread out horizontally across the page. If you hover on a text item, a gold underlined bar will appear and the text will turn gold, and you can click on that link to go to that photo Gallery  page. You can always return to the HOME page by clicking on "HOME" in the right  center of the gold masthead , or any other main section such as PRICE , TYPE (of plaque, organized by client category), or STYLE (of plaque, organized by design and material ). All quicklinks are are shown in underlined gold text.


This site has its products organized in two ways (1) TYPE of Plaque (i.e., customer / client category, such as plaques for the federal government, state governments, courts,  Air Force units, police departments , universities, companies, clubs, residences, churches, etc. ), and (2) Plaque STYLE (materials & design features, such as wood, metal, engraved, 3-D, 2.5-D) .  The plaques are priced according to their plaque style.  Each of the twenty-four different "TYPE" photo galleries shows a mix of different plaque styles.


If you have a specific customer category and are looking for plaque design ideas, please look at that TYPE gallery page to see similar plaques. Or, if have a key word, you can enter it into  the search engine box for this website on the right side of the gold masthead. More detailed descriptions and thousands of photos can be viewed by clicking on the plaque TYPE or plaque STYLE links with pulldown menus in the gold masthead above.

If you know you want a specific design style of plaque (e.g., bronze 3-D bas-relief), and you want more information and to see examples of this style, click on the STYLE section, then click on "Metal Plaques" on the pull down menu, then click on "Bronze" to go to that page, which describes our process for making this type of plaque, lists different design options, and shows over 50 photos of examples of bronze plaques we have made.

If you want more information, want a price quote, or to place an order, you can click on the text in the very top right side of the gold header (i.e.,  "quote"). All price information is given in the section "PRICE" listed in right side of the gold masthead.

You always call our customer service representatives Christie, Regina or Liz at 951-698-8484 or you can email us at to get more information, to describe a plaque you want made, or to get a price. They are experts in all of our plaque designs, and give great customer service. See our client testimonials below.

Recent Plaques we have designed and fabricated

 Above are a few of the over 800 plaques we designed and manufactured this year. These include carved 3-D and 2.5-D Mahogany wood and bronze, brass, gold, silver-plated and artist-painted High-Density-Urethane. The wall plaques shown above were made for Federal and State government organizations, military units, police & sheriff departments, churches, national parks, and families.



Hey, Liz!
We received the golf plaque yesterday— it is AWESOME!   It’s very pretty and much more detailed than I imagined.  We can’t wait to hang it outside later this spring. (Although it’s going to be 70 degrees here this weekend, so maybe we don’t need to worry about a typical rough winter here in Cincinnati!!). Thanks for your help throughout this purchase.  Happy New Year! Jackie

Elizabeth,  The sign arrived today and looks fantastic! Thank you for everything. I was thoroughly impressed with your companies thoroughness and promptness and will certainly recommend you to government agencies/businesses in Massachusetts. On a side note,   I will send you a photo after the sign is mounted. Thanks again! Sergeant J.R W. MA Police Department

Hello Liz, We received our artwork today. I can’t tell you how satisfied we all are here at the Co-Cathedral of St. Robert Bellarmine. This shield came out so beautiful and just in time. We will be hosting a Chrism Mass with our Bishop and all 135 priests of the Diocese of Trenton and they will be able to enjoy it as well, as it will be hung in our main hall where there will be a dinner held for the clergy. I just wanted to share this with you and your artists. I would expect you might even get more business from our Diocesan Parishes once they see how beautiful it came out. Thank you, F.E., Parish Operations Manager

Hi Liz, I hope all is well! We received the sign, and it looks great! Are you able to provide a quote for another one of that same sign, 18 inches in height? (This one was 12 inches)Could we also get a quote for a sign of the attached badge? We'd like to get a sign of the same sort/type as the first one, also 18 inches in height. For the badge number (it is 9 in the attachment), can we put 911? Thank you! D.W., Police Department

Regina, The seals arrived yesterday and they are beautiful.  The photos really don’t do them justice. Thank you for all your help and have a great weekend. Susan

Hi Christie, The sign came out awesome.  Would you be able to create just the seal for us?  I’m not sure what size the seal on the sign is, but we are looking for a full-color seal for our new podium.  I’ve attached a web link and picture of the podium along with the specs. Please advise. Thanks, J.M.,  Department of Labor & Industrial Relations

Good morning Regina, We received our order for the logo plaques  and I just wanted to thank you. The logo plaques  turned out beautifully and my supervisory team loves them. You and your team did a wonderful job and we look forward to do business with you in the future. Thank you so much for everything. Shannin, Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD)   DOTE (US Military)

Hi Regina, The plaques have been received by the property and all looks great. I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts. I hope to send more work your way in the future. Regards, Jackie, Creative Marketing 

Hello Art Sign Works,  We have received our plaques and are extremely happy with them. I was wondering if I could get a quote for 2 more Scott Fire Patch Plaque Thank you,  C.M., MSgt, USAF, Asst . Chief, Fire & Emergency Services, Scott AFB

Regina – just wanted to let you know our product order has arrived and it is FANTASTIC!!!  Thank you!  My Police Chief saw it and is interested in doing something for his department so I have given him the website information to begin. City Manager, Marceline

Christie and Regina, I wanted to share with you pictures of the monuments that your service emblems were placed in (for Memorial Day 2019).  They look great!  Now you can tell folks that you have the approved DOD service emblems.        J.O., Alabama 

.Christie, I have never responded since this parcel arrived with the two (Christian Science) Publications  plaques from you.  I want to say THANK YOU to you and your entire team for creating exactly what we needed and had in mind. I think there is a possibility of needing to order another of the larger plaque at some point in the future, so if at all possible to keep the artwork on file it would be appreciated. Hoping you and yours had a very Happy Holidays. Warm regards, Peter

Good morning Regina, We have received our seal and love it so I would like to place an order for a second seal.  Can you tell me what I need to do to get this process started? Thank you., V.R., City of Clovis - City Manager's Office

Christie  Thank you! And everyone LOVED the plaques. Excellent work!!Thank you again!  A.K., – Executive Assistant to the Chief ,  Pleasant Hill Police Department, CA

Hello Regina, Just received the (three New York City Fire Chief) badge  (plaques) .  They are superb. Making everyone stop and check them out.  Thank you again, Brian, PAUL SIGNS

Hi Christie, We received our (Iowa) Seal Friday and it looks great! We would like to purchase 10 more. Could you send us an invoice and I will send you a PO?  Thank you, K.R.

Christina,I just got back from lunch and unpackaged the plaque. IT IS GORGEOUS! Thank you for your help with this project.,   E., , Visual Communications Specialist, FASTSIGNS Norman

Hey Regina,I rcvd the seals (for the President and VP of the US)  and they look great.  Thank you very much.  Can you send me an invoice/receipt for the second/final pymnt charged to our card?  Thanks. T.B.,US Secret Service.

Good morning, Regina.     I showed my boss the seal today (State of Florida House of Representatives plaque) and we are all VERY pleased with how it came out. Absolutely stunning work. We’ve been in touch with our billing department for the remaining balance due and you should receive payment soon. My boss is already wanting to get more of these.How much per seal, is there a discount for batch orders, and what other texture/colors do you have access to? Thanks so much once again, Regina!       Daniel

Regina, Wow! The product is incredible! Thank you so much for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you. ..Very Respectfully,Cam 

Hi Christie, again the plaque is beautiful, you guys did a fantastic job, the President is so happy he would like another one exactly the same to put in his house on campus. Can I order another one for delivery as soon as possible? Also, in future if we order more, is there a discounted price for volume, or are they individually ordered…thanks again Christie.   L.C., Finance/Administration, Office of the President ,University of British Columbia

Hi Christie,   Happy Friday!    We all love the seal, it turned out wonderful!  Can I place an order for another one?  We want it to look exactly the same but the next one can have the z-clip hardware.   Thank you, H. T., Second District Court of Appeal

Good afternoon Regina:  The NY Court Seal arrived Thursday afternoon on October 26th. Had it installed Monday, October 30th. Looks great.  I am very happy.  Thanks for all you did for us. B. H., New York

Hi Regina, Just wanted to let you know the medallions arrived. They look great! Thanks, Erik Dressler, Principal

Regina, We received the plaques and they look great. Quality workmanship and product – especially the 3 levels – didn’t expect that. Great work. I’m sure we will use you in the future, Thanks. M.C, Centric Signs, Novato,CA 

Hi Christie, Well arrived, thanks for all. Very Nice product ! Congratulations to your firm. See you. Michel M.

Regina, We got it (3-D carved police badge wall plaque) today and it looks amazing!  Very good job!  Could you please send me the receipt for the remainder of the cost that was put on  my p-card?  Thanks again,, N. B.,, Certified Law Enforcement Planner, Athens-Clarke County Police Department

Christie , We received our beautiful "County Commission" sign Thursday.  Thank you for working with us.  If I can be a reference for future Customers, please refer them to me. Thanks again.      G.W. , Commissioner  St. Francois County, Farmington, Mo

Hi Christie,    Just got the White House  plaque and it is excellent in all respects.  Kudos to you and the artists who made it.  All the best, Scott B.

Hi Regina, The plaques are outstanding. We had an unveiling at our Memorial Day service at our plant.They will be on permanent display at our Veteran/POW/MIA area.    Thank you,, R.A., Boston P&DC, Boston

Good Morning Ms. Valenzuela,
I just wanted to say that we've received them (Coast Guard wall plaques) and are very pleased with them. Thank you for all the assistance. Very Respectfully, J.J., USCG Station 

Regina, I went to Fox and un-crated it on Friday, it looks great, in fact  the owner of the business was impressed as well, and has already been on your web site considering signage for his business.  Thank you for your assistance in making the plaque honoring our retired Officers so easy! Sgt. K.G.

Hi Christie! 
Yes, the seal arrived in perfect condition.  Everyone here loves it!  Thanks for all your help with this. 
Thanks again, R.J.,  | Procurement Specialist, US District Court of Maryland - Greenbelt

Regina, Thank you, thank you … you are such a great company and client feels this as well!. Good to go! Monica Kline Fine Corporate Gifts

Paul , That would be fine (to put our plaque  on your website)....Also, Christie was exceptional to work with...outstanding customer service! J.K., Sonoma, CA

Christie,, As you will recall, your company created a single sided brass seal for Yancey County back in August.  ..The seal was great and we were very pleased. We want to order a second seal plaque , same as the last one; and  I would like to have the digital file of the seal. I need the highest resolution of the seal that I can get for a separate project I am working on, and hoped you may be able to assist with that ...  Please advise on the best way to proceed on both items.Thanks,N.B.

Christie, We received our sign today...looks fantastic! The bolts all aligned, and it is installed--man, heavy sign--but looks beautiful--you guys do great work! J.K., Tinker AFB

Christie, We received the plaque  in great condition— good packaging. We love it! Thank you so much.     Mike

Good afternoon We received the plaque & everyone (which is important) likes it. The invoice goes before the Town Board on 2/14/2017 for approval & the check goes in the mail shortly there after. S.S., Richmond Town Court

Good Morning Christie, I wanted to let you know that everyone is very pleased with our new plaques! We appreciate the great work that you guys did on them. R.C.,LB Fire Dept

Regina,    We received the seal this morning. It looks great!!
Thank-You so much for expediting the order & having it here before the "no later than date".
Thanks again, you have exceeded our expectations!!!! A.N., Technical Director

Dear Christie: I received the sign ordered. It is beautiful. We are very satisfied with the work !!!! Sincerely It looks better than we expected. ....Thank you very much for the excellent job. Sincerely,Dr. R.G., DDS

Christie,   The box with the sign you all created for me came today.  I have to say....AWESOME!  Perfect!  Paint job is just fantastic!  Really well done!    Well done! The sign just makes me giggle         Ed

Dear Regina, Received the (US) Great Seal plaque today wanted to let you know how pleased I  was with work I am thinking about ordering a similar size plaque of the  Great Seal of the President of the United States I suppose you make those as well?  is the price the same? do you have a photo you could e-mail me ?  thank you again for a fine piece of Art Great Job! Best , Larry Zimmer

Awesome!!!! The Military Seals were excellent!!!! Great job to the team!!!!  I’ll send a photo for your gallery. Thanks, Daniel .H., Facilities Team

Hi Regina.  We got the seal and it is beautiful!  Thank you. K. L., Court Clerk

Hi Regina, ... It was certainly a pleasure working with your company, and I look forward to another project in the near future. Have a great weekend!  Thanks, Denise, Jonathan Louis Marketing

Regina… Our wine cellar plaque is awesome! Thanks, Mike Mulcahy

Dear Art Sign Works: The Town of Clinton,  NY placed an order for a Single sided HDU 24" in diameter and we received it this week.  It is beautiful! I was wondering, our county is doing an exhibit on our town and would like to have some bags made up with the this logo on it.  Is there any way I can get the logo in an electronic file that I can send to the Clinton County Historical office so they can have the recyclable bags made?  Thank you.   K.R., Town of Clinton  NOTE: We sent it to her free of charge

Good morning Regina, I rec'd the plaque yesterday and it is a work of art!  Kudo's to the artist! lol!... Thanks for all you do!     Semper Fidelis, Hal 

Dear Art Sign Works: The signs arrived in perfect condition. Well packed, thank you. They are very nice and we are pleased. We'll send you a picture when they're installed. Thanks I. W. Ohio

Dear Regina, We LOVE our sign…Thank You! Regards, Jo D. Interior Designer ASW, We LOVE the signs! Thank you so much. Donna Elliott S

Art SignWorks:   We received the signs today and they are gorgeous! Thanks for all your help and I will be in touch... Tammy

Art SignWorks,  Received the military seals yesterday and I want to tell you they are absolutely stunning. They were perfectly packed and ups never made a mark on the box. Thank you so very much. They will make a perfect addition to our social quarters. I know our veterans will thank you also. Again my thanks to you and your craftsmen for God and Country    David B., 1st Vice commander, American Legion, Virginia

Art SignWorks,   I just wanted to thank you for our new sign. We received it on last Thursday afternoon. It looks absolutely AMAZING! It is exactly what we were looking for. We have 2 offices in North Carolina that may need a sign made in the future so I will let you know. Thank you again, Anne-Simms H.

Christie, received the sign today and just wanted to say it looks fantastic!  Beautiful job.  Here I live in the sign making capital and I am so glad I went with you guys on the west coast. Thank you again.   I know who I will go to/recommend for future signs.Theresa Heintz

Regina, We received the two (large stained mahogany) crests for the Army War College today- they look great!  We are extremely impressed with the quality and overall appearance.  They are exactly what we were hoping for. Thanks again- Dave D.,CIV USARMY AWC (US)  

Christie  Thank you! And everyone LOVED the plaques. Excellent work!!Thank you again!  A.K., – Executive Assistant to the Chief ,  Pleasant Hill Police Department, CA

Hello Regina, Just received the (three New York City Fire Chief) badge  (plaques) .  They are superb. Making everyone stop and check them out.  Thank you again, Brian, PAUL SIGNS

Hi Christie, We received our (Iowa) Seal Friday and it looks great! We would like to purchase 10 more. Could you send us an invoice and I will send you a PO?  Thank you, K.R.

ASW,  The signs arrived and are a big hit!!! Thanks to you and your team for a job well done. Thanks again for all your help. Kevin K.

ASW;  We love, love, love it...we just got our sign and it is fantastic! We enjoyed working with you on this.   S.D.

ASW;  Just got my sign and it's great, thank you so much for your careful attention to the details. Frank F, NY

Art SignWorks; They are beautiful!!! Just beautiful and the quality is the best. Thank you for taking good care of me. M. K.

Art SignWorks;  The signs are awesome, we need another please. Thanks for the great service and answering all my questions. C. Chang

Hi Christie! I love the (bronze) Coat of Arms!  Thank you!  Best,Patti

24K gold-leaf gilded coat-of-arms .

Christina,I just got back from lunch and unpackaged the plaque. IT IS GORGEOUS! Thank you for your help with this project.,   E., , Visual Communications Specialist, FASTSIGNS Norman

Good morning, Regina.     I showed my boss the seal today (State of Florida House of Representatives plaque) and we are all VERY pleased with how it came out. Absolutely stunning work. We’ve been in touch with our billing department for the remaining balance due and you should receive payment soon. My boss is already wanting to get more of these.How much per seal, is there a discount for batch orders, and what other texture/colors do you have access to? Thanks so much once again, Regina!       Daniel