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Retail Price List

You can get the price of any plaque on this website,  or your custom plaque,  by doing one of the following:

(1) Look up the price on the PRICE LIST in Section 5  at the bottom of  this page (scroll down).

(2) E-mail us at

(3) Fill out the "Request a Quote" form ( click on "Quote" in the right top of the gold masthead)

(4)  Call one of our customer Service Representative/Project Coordinators (Regina, Christie, or Elizabeth) at 951-698-8484


We welcome your phone call and/or email.  Christie , Regina, or Elizabeth,  our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service Representatives, will be happy to give you a price, provide advice on the style of plaque, or provide information on any of our products. We welcome casual inquiries and will respond either directly (on the phone) or within a day at the most (email or Quote form) . We will  provide the price of the plaque and also shipping costs if you tell us your location or ZIP. We know your time is limited, and sometimes its easier to make a phone call or send a short email than to determine the prices on the PRICE LIST at the bottom of this page. 


There have been recent changes in our retail price list  shown at the bottom of this page. We were able to  reduce our prices for smaller (10 to 18 inch diameter)  plaques of all styles, because of investment in new equipment that has reduced our cost for making smaller plaques, and we are passing  on the savings to you. We were also able to reduce the prices of our gold-leaf and silver-leaf gilded plaques.  However, we have had modest price increases in our largest plaques, 36 to 60 inches in diameter, because of substantial  increases in our HDU  and wood substrate costs from our vendors, along with the labor cost increases we have incurred in the last three years, since we had  a previous price increase. Our carved 3-D bas-relief multi-color painted and metal-plated plaques also have small price increases, due to the very long machine and labor hours required to carve and coat these beautiful plaques. The Wood & Metal Plaque Company strives to keep our prices as low as possible by using the latest automation technology and more efficient design and manufacturing processes to offset inevitable increases in our labor and material costs. We continue to offer plaques with a wide range of prices, which depend very much on the materials and labor required to make them . A custom plaque 18 inches in diameter with artwork that you submit can have a price as low as $112 (flat giclee printed plaque on Sintra board) to well over a $1000 (3-D cast bronze). Both will look great, but there are big differences in materials, relief, and appearance, and also the craftmanship and time required to make them.


Our  plaques have wide variations in prices, depending on size and style. The  price of our custom plaques  range from $92 to well over $1000, depending on size and style.  Fig 1 below shows our three basic relief styles, 2-D flat relief , 2.5-D multi-level relief, and 3-D bas-relief. 

Our lowest price economy 2-D  plaques feature digitally-printed full-color giclee vinyl appliques mounted on a  round  or rectangular solid Mahogany or acrylic (or Sintra PVC) base. These low-cost plaques look terrific, because you can have  high-resolution photos of our carved 3-D plaques placed on the wood, acrylic or Sintra board base. From a few feet away, these look like carved 3-D, artist-painted plaques plaques. The prices for this type of two-dimensional (2-D) flat custom plaque 10 inches in diameter are as low as $92 (acrylic base) to $102 (Mahogany veneer base). The same style plaques in a 18 inch diameter size have prices of  $145 (acrylic or Sintra  PVC) or $170 (Mahogany veneer).    We also offer a matched set of the five armed forces seals in these styles at a discount.  These low prices  assume we have made a previous plaque of the same artwork design  (featured in one of our Galleries of over 2000 photos on this website), or for new artwork, that we are provided a print-ready high-resolution JPEG photo or colored drawing of the artwork for the plaque. These are  styles 1.4.1 (Price Code EA, wood base) and 1.4.3 (Price Code EB, acrylic base)  on the PRICE LIST at the very bottom of this page, with  examples shown on our 2-D Giclee Plaque web page.

Our carved 2.5-D multi-level or engraved  artist-painted plaques have prices approximately twice that of the 2-D flat plaques with giclee printed art. These prices  depend on the size, material, carving complexity, number of colors. Prices for  custom carved  18  inch diameter 2.5-D artist-painted HDU or stained wood custom plaques vary from $238 to $354. Prices increase with size. The Department of Homeland Security seal plaque in Fig 1 below is an example of a 2.5-D multi-layer plaque. The PRICE LIST at the bottom of this page gives prices for carved 2.5-D plaques of various sizes, materials, styles, and number of colors. 

Our premium  plaques are carved in 3-D bas-relief,  using  wood (usually Mahogany, Cedar, or Redwood), or High-Density-Urethane (HDU) as the substrate. These are higher-priced carved 3-D bas-relief artist-painted plaques, and have  prices about 3 times as high as the 2-D printed giclee plaques. These are museum quality plaques, and are often ordered by federal, state & local government agencies and courts, police & fire departments, and  also by  corporations, colleges, and some fraternal clubs  Prices for 18  inch diameter 3-D artist-painted or bronze, brass or silver-plated  HDU or stained wood custom plaques vary from $383 to $585. Prices increase with plaque size.  The PRICE LIST at the bottom of this page gives prices for carved 3-D plaques of various sizes, materials, styles, and number of colors.  These high-quality plaques may require  from 6  to  24  hours of machine carving time,  and then 4 to 8 hours of artisan work  to hand-sand and artist-brush paint or metal polish them. They are unique works of art for our most discriminating clients. Fig 1 below shows an example, the Great Seal of the President of the United States.

 We have not listed approximate prices for chain-of-command , award and recognition plaques because pricing for these is complex with many variables, including size & material of the plaque, the number and size of replaceable photo frames and engraved brass plates, the number of 3-D carved appliques, etc. These typically range from $500 for small simple perpetual plaques to $4000 for very large Mahogany 5 ft x 8 ft command or award boards. Call us at 951-698-8484 or or email us at for an exact quote. 

We do not  mass-produce our  2.5-D or 3-D plaques using molds; even our most popular "standard" plaques such as the US Great Seal are individually hand-crafted. Wood plaques have higher prices than High-Density-Urethane (HDU) plaques, and multi-color plaques have higher prices than 1 or 2 color plaques. Metal-plated plaques are more expensive than painted plaques, and 24K gold and silver-leaf gilded plaques have the highest prices of all our plaques, because of the cost of materials and time required by our artisans to precisely hand-gild complex shapes. 

If you have a photo or drawing of your seal, badge, insignia, crest, or coat-of-arms,  we can make a custom 2-D, 2.5-D, or 3-D plaque for you, or you can select one of the 2000 photos on this website. Our talented graphic artists create  2.5-D or 3-D geometric software models using advanced graphic design programs, which we then use to control the extremely precise 3-D computer-controlled carving machines  which carve the plaques to approximate shapes. Craftsmen then hand-sand and hand-carved the plaques to their final shapes. 

About 70% of our plaques are carved in 2.5-D multi-level flat or engraved relief,  using  wood (usually Mahogany, Cedar, or Redwood), or High-Density-Urethane (HDU) as the substrate. These are very popular and look great. Many times the artwork provided to us for custom plaques does not benefit from 3-D rendering, and we recommend a 2.5-D relief carving which looks as good and is about 2/3  to 1/2  of the price. Our 2.5-D relief plaques carve faster and are much faster to paint than 3-D bas-relief plaques, so they have lower prices. Most of our military, university and corporate plaques are carved in 2.5-D relief. There is no design fee for 2-D or 2.5-D plaques, but there is a design fee for 3-D custom plaques we have not made before. We have made nearly all 3-D plaques with photos on this website before, so these will not incur a design fee, even if the text, colors, surface or material is different than the photo, as long as the central 3-D art is unchanged.

On this website we show photos of over 3000 photos of  examples of 2-D, 2.5-D. and 3-D custom carved wall and podium plaques that we have made. These feature seals, insignia, emblems, crests, badges, logos, coat-of-arms, command boards, name plates and photo and quote plaques  for government, military, companies, universities, clubs, churches,  non-profit organizations, and homes & families.  We can make a custom or personalized plaque in the size you want with any artwork or text.

The price codes for  representative  plaques of different styles is provided in the second and third paragraph of the description text for each photo in the our 24 Galleries.  The prices for various sizes of each different style of plaque  are given in the Price List  at the bottom of this page.

Fig 1 - We make plaques in three different levels of relief, as shown above. Engraved plaques are in the same price category as 2.5-D relief plaques. Prices increase from left to right, and are given in the table in Section 5 below. The prices for the above three plaques in that table are listed under Styles 1.1.5, 1.1.3, and 1.1.1,  respectively, from left to right.


Our RETAIL PRICE LIST in SECTION  5 below provides not only  prices, but also comparative prices on plaque styles and sizes. For example, is a bronze-plated plaque more expensive than a full-color painted plaque? Is a Mahogany plaque more expensive than a Cedar plaque? How much more is a  Maple  plaque than an HDU plaque? What is the price of  a 3-D bas relief plaque compared to a 2.5-D flat relief or engraved plaque? How much more is a 36 inch diameter plaque than a 24 inch diameter plaque? How much does  a gold-leaf gilded plaque cost compared to a metallic gold painted plaque? How can I reduce the price on a plaque I want to fit within my budget? What are your least expensive plaque styles? These and many more questions can be answered by viewing our PRICE LIST in Section 5.

Every round or square plaque, and most rectangular and elliptical plaques on this website which has a photos in one  in the pages in the TYPE  section has a "Style Category" and a "Price Code", listed in the 3rd or 4th paragraph of the expanded view of each individual plaque's photo.  To determine the price of a plaque, you can use this information to look up the approximate (within 5%) price of a plaque in the Retail PRICE LIST below. Prices are given for various size plaques. If the plaque size you want (all sizes are custom) is not listed, or you find the price list confusing or difficult to use, please email us at or call us at 951-698-8484 and we will respond ASAP with the price for a plaque shown on this website. 

 If you want  a plaque not shown on this website but you have a picture, a drawing, a photo, or a sketch of of a seal, insignia, crest or logo that  you want us to make a plaque for,  send it to us along with the sizes you want in an email or by enclosing it in the "Quote" form (top right in gold masthead above on this page) and we will provide you the prices for  custom plaques of various relevant styles with a range of prices. A preliminary design is free for  2-D, 2.5-D plaques and standard 3-D plaques (i.e., ones we have made before and show on this website). There may be a one-time design and setup fee for custom 3-D bas-relief plaques if we have not previously developed the 3-D geometric model for the central  artwork  that is required by our CNC carving  machines to carve the plaque. There is no design fee for 3-D plaques if the central artwork is the same as a 3-D plaque shown in a photo on this website, even if the outer text is different from the plaque in the photo. 

We offer substantially lower prices to retailers and re-sellers of our plaques than the prices shown on the PRICE LIST.  Companies requesting this discount must have a re-sellers license and are responsible for collecting sales taxes due in their state, if any.  We do not charge sales tax to re-sellers,  out-of-state direct sales clients, or to Government or military entities.  There are volume discounts of 10% for 3 or more of identical plaques for both direct buyers and re-sellers, and up to discounts up to 15% for 20 or more identical plaques.

There are four components of our prices: (1) The plaque itself; (2) Installation hardware, if any; (3) shipping costs, if any; (4) California and local sales tax, if the plaque is delivered to an address within the State of California and is not a Federal, military, State, County or City government entity, including courts and legislative branches. 


The price of a plaque is based on its style and its size (its diameter, if round, or height/or width, if it is nearly square or elliptical close to being round, whichever is greater). Large plaques have higher prices than small plaques.  Wood plaques (Style Category 1.3) are more expensive than High-Density-Urethane (HDU)  plaques, because wood material costs 2 to 3 times as much as HDU, and takes more labor to carve and sand.  Metal-plated HDU  plaques (Style Category 1.2) have higher prices than painted HDU plaques because of the high cost of the metal plating or gilding m(especially 24K gold leaf) and the labor to polish and burnish the metal to a high shine.  3-D plaques have higher prices than 2.5-D or engraved plaques, because they take 2 to 5 times as long to carve,  and it takes 2 to 3  times as long for the artist to intricately paint them with  many colors with a small artist brush. Our least expensive dimensional plaques are 2.5-D or engraved HDU plaques with one to three colors, because they can be made with only a few hours labor.  Our least expensive plaques overall are in Style Category 1.4 (Economy Plaques, with 2-D  printed giclee artwork and text ), because both material and labor costs are much lower for than our carved dimensional plaques.

We offer several alternatives if you want a plaque with a metal look, with substantially different prices. For a gold look, the highest price option is 24K gold-leaf gilding, which has very expensive material (pure gold is $1500/ounce) and is very labor intensive (Price Codes ME1 through ME4 in the Price Table below). Polished brass-plated plaques have lower prices and are shiny, but its color is somewhat different than gold (Price Codes MB1 and MB2). The lowest price option for a gold look is metallic gold or metallic brass paint (Price Codes CA through CD). They have approximately a gold color, but they do not reflect light like gold leaf or polished brass plating does.

For a silver look, we offer pure (0.996) silver-leaf gilding, polished metal plating of nickel-silver or aluminum or stainless steel, or metallic silver paint. The silver leaf gilding (Price Codes MF1 through MF3) is the most expensive, then the metal-plating options (Price Codes MD1 and MD2) , and metallic silver paint (Price Codes CA through CD) is least expensive. Aluminum plating is the shiniest of all of these options. For a bronze look, we  offer polished or unpolished bronze plating (Price Codes MA1 and MA2)  or metallic bronze paint (Price Codes CA through CD). The prices for all these options are given by Price Code in the table at the bottom of this page.

We give discounts of 10% to the prices listed below if 3 or more identical plaques are ordered at the same time or if 5 or more similar but not identical  plaques are ordered at the same time.

Fig 2 - We make plaques in three different materials, as shown above. Painted plaques, from 1 to 10 colors (Style 1.1 in the price Table in Section 5 below ) and metal-plated plaques (Style 1.2), including bronze, brass, aluminum, copper, and gold and silver leaf, use a  High-Density-Urethane substrate, carved in either 3-D or 2.5-D relief. Carved wood plaques (Style 1.3) are made of African Mahogany, American Maple, Cherry, White Oak, Cedar, or Redwood. Prices of the three styles are roughly the same for all three styles in 3-D relief (assuming the artist-painted plaques have more than 4 colors)

Prices are listed in the PRICE LIST Table in SECTION  5 below by style category, for various sizes of plaques. The  styles are described in the STYLE section of 19 pages. Each of the styles below has a Style Category indicated by a digital number (e.g., 1.1.3) followed by a Price Code (e.g., CA or ME4) . Every plaque shown on this website has a Style Category and a Price Code listed under its photo in the expanded view (click on a photo or its title to get an expanded view and description of the plaque). That Style Category is described on one of the style pages (click on a gold underlined link below and or on its name in the pull-down menu under STYLE in the gold masthead).  The price of that plaque is given in the PRICE LIST table below. The Style Categories and the Price Codes for that style are listed below: 

Style Category and Price Code List

 1.1 Style Category  Carved and Painted HDU Plaques  (Price Codes CA through CD)

 1.2 Style Category  Metal-Plated and Cast Metal Plaques (Price Codes MA1 through MH2) 

 1.3 Style Category Carved Natural and Stained Wood Plaques  (Price Codes WM1 through WW2) 

1.4 Style Category  Economy Plaques (Giglee Printed 2-D Plaques and Laser Engraved Wood Plaques) (Price Codes EA , EB, and EC)

1.5 Style Category Command and Award Boards and Plaques (Price Codes SA1 and SA2)

The prices for  custom wood and HDU chain-of-command and organization chart boards and wall plaques, 1.5.1 and 1.2.2 immediately above, do not have prices  listed in the Table below because there are so many variables impacting price (number and size of photos, number of engraved brass name plates and sliders,  number and size of 2.5-D and 3-D carved appliques, species of wood, thickness, etc.) These are typically made of wood (African Mahogany, Redwood, Cedar and Oak) but we also make them using High-Density Urethane (HDU). Prices for  these wood large command and award boards range from less than  $800 for smaller  boards (2 ft x 2 ft)  to over $3500 for very large boards (i.e., 6 x 5 ft),  Boards made of HDU instead of wood are significantly less.   Call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at for specific prices for your custom command and award board .

 CUSTOM DESIGN FEES: There is no design fee for 2.5-D or engraved plaques, even custom or personalized plaques. There is also no design fee for 3-D plaques, if the 3-D artwork is identical to one of the plaques shown in a photo on this website. The only time a design fee is required is for new 3-D bas-relief artwork we have never modeled or fabricated before. If you order a 3-D plaque whose photo is  shown on this website (i.e., we  have made it before), there is no design fee.

Normally most customers order a plaque WITHOUT requiring  us to create a detailed specific custom design proof made BEFORE they order, because most plaques are either (1) similar to ones shown in photos on the website, or (2)   the customer provides  a photo or drawing of a seal,  badge, emblem, insignia , etc  that they want us to duplicate ion a plaque. In these cases we develop a detailed design proof AFTER a firm order is placed with 50% down payment. This detailed proof may be iterated on with modifications requested by the customer, sometimes back and forth several times, until the customer is satisfied with the proof and approves it. We can then go into production. We NEVER go into production without a customer-approved proof. If the customer is never satisfied with the proof, we refund the 50% down payment. This has never happened in over 14 years.

For customers who  wish to see a detailed design proof BEFORE you place an order, we request a $30 fee to make a detailed design proof which you will need to approve  before we start to make your plaque; if you order the plaque, we will credit the this fee to the manufacturing price.

The prices on this page includes design as well as production, with the exception of plaques that require unique and original custom 3-D bas-relief artwork designs which we have not manufactured before. In this case, there may be a one-time artwork design fee that ranges from $150 to  $1000+, depending on the complexity and detail of the design. It tales a very skilled 3-D graphic artist  anywhere from 5 to 30  hours to construct a very detailed computer model that we can use to carve a 3-D plaque on one of our computer-controlled routers, but it can be reused an unlimited number of times once it is built. This one-time design fee only applies to the first 3-D plaque purchased, there is no charge for subsequent identical or similar 3-D plaques (text and plaque size can be changed without an additional design fee). For price code 1.1.2 (CA1 above), you can expect a one-time 3-D design fee since most elaborate plaques such as coat-of-arms are unique and we probably have not made that particular coat-of-arms before.

If we have made the 3-D artwork before, there is no design fee charge.  We have made most 3-D production designs for Federal, , military,  court and many state, county and city seals; if you see a plaque in a photo with a  3-D design, we probably have that 3-D model on file and there would be no design fee unless there are changes to the artwork. . There is no design fee for changes to size, materials, text, or colors to the example shown in a photo.  There is also no design fee for 2.5-D or engraved artwork on custom plaques, even if we have not made the design before and you supply only a photo or sketch.


In addition to the  the plaque, you may wish to order to order hardware to install your plaque on a wall or podium. These range from very simple inexpensive devices for light small plaques such as double back tape and keyholes (to hang the plaque like a picture) , to stronger methods such as Z-clips for medium to heavy plaques. Our heaviest, large plaques (weighing as much as several thousand pounds) require threaded stainless steel studs embedded in the back of the plaque, to be inserted into holes drilled into a wall. See Section 5, "Methods for Mounting Wall and Podium Plaques" in  the Style Overview page for a more thorough description of these methods. We recommend you select one of these when you order your plaque to make installation simple. However, installation hardware is optional and you may wish to install the plaque using your own technique. If you order hardware, its price is added to the price of the plaque. Prices for various installation hardware are given in Section 2 of the table below.


We charge for our costs incurred in packing and shipping. For most plaques, which are relatively small, we ship by UPS ground, which typically takes from 1 (California destinations) to 5 days (East Coast destinations). We pack plaques very carefully so as to minimize damage, in custom built boxes with foam packing material. we insure all shipments, and take responsibility for any plaques that are damaged by repairing or replacing a plaque damaged by the shipper. All plaques are insured for their full price. Packing and shipping costs are listed in Section 3 of the table below. Plaques that are picked up at our factory in Murrieta, CA have no packing or shipping cost.


Buyers located outside of California, Government agencies, the military , and retailers/resellers of our plaques are not charged a sales tax.   For buyers who are resident in California,  the  state and local sales tax  varies from 7.25% to 9.5% of the price of the plaque and associated hardware (but not shipping costs), depending on the county and city where the plaque is delivered.

Out-of-state orders have no sales tax. There is no sales tax on plaques purchased by the Federal , State or local governments, or the military services. We also do not add on a tax to any retailers or resellers of our plaques including those located in California. When it applies,  this tax is added onto the price of the plaque you pay. Sales tax, if it applies, should be listed in the total price in Section 4  in the table below.


The table below lists approximate (within + or - 10%) RETAIL prices for plaques of various sizes and styles as described in Section 1 above. The reason this prices are not exact is because there are detailed design variations within each category that affect price, and there are too many variations to list in a table. Our WHOLESALE  prices to qualified retailers and re-sellers with a sellers license are substantially lower than the prices in the table below; if you are a retailer or reseller, please call or email us to get our wholesale prices.

The "Plaque Width" in the left side of first row of the table below is the maximum width dimension of a square or round plaque in inches. For round plaques it is the plaque diameter in inches.

If the plaque you want to price is rectangular or elliptical, the top row will give you inaccurate results, because the prices assume a square or round plaque to calculate area.  Instead, use the area of the plaque, listed in the second row of the table, to determine the price of a plaque. The area of a plaque is calculated by multiplying the plaques maximum width, in inches, by its maximum height, in inches. This will give the plaque's area in square inches. Then, where that area falls in the second row of the table; it will be between two of the areas listed. The price of the plaque will be  greater than the lower price for the smaller area and less than the higher price for the larger area. If it is halfway between the two areas, it will be an average of those two prices. For example, if you want a plaque 18 inches wide and 24 inches high, the area of that plaque will be 18 inches x 24 inches = 432 square inches. This lies between 324 square inches and 576 square inches. The corresponding prices for example, style option 1.1.3 is $341  (for 324 square inches) and $433 (for 576 square inches), and 432 square inches is approximately halfway between these two, so the price of the plaque is approximately halfway between $341 and $433, calculated as an average = ($341+433) / 2 = $387. If you find this confusing or difficult to follow, call or email us and we will give you the exact firm price for any plaque of any size on this website, or any other custom plaque not on this website. The value of the Price List below is to enable you to compare prices of different styles and sizes of plaques, rather than give you an a precise price.

These prices do not include the one-time artwork design and CNC router tool path programming fee for custom 3-D bas-relief plaques which we have not made previously (see note at bottom of in Section 1 above); we can quote this one-time design set-up fee if you send us a photo, drawing or  picture of the artwork you want us to carve in 3-D bas-relief.  3-D design fees typically run from $150 to $1000+, depending on the complexity, detail, and extent of the artwork. Single objects  such as a ship, a tank, an aircraft etc have lower 3-D design fees than complete scenes with trees, foreground objects, etc such as those that occur on the great seals of states. This fee only applies to custom 3-D bas-relief artwork designs we have not made before or that we do not have in very extensive library of 3-D models.  If you see a photo of a 3-D plaque on this website, we have already made this CNC router tool path file for its artwork and there is no 3-D design fee. We can scale existing 3-D designs in size, carving depth, and we can change text without a design fee. We do not charge a design fee on any 2.5-D multi-level, outline, or engraved plaques, including custom designs.