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Western Red Cedar and California Redwood Plaques

2.5-D Multi-Level Cedar Plaque


Welcome to our photo Gallery for our western Red Cedar and California Redwood plaques, where we show over 50 examples of various types of natural and stained  wood plaques in this photo gallery. We design and fabricate hundreds of beautiful  custom 3-D and 2.5-D Cedar and Redwood wood plaques and signs each year for  military units, police & sheriffs, clubs, corporations, government agencies, and  homes. 

Each  plaque is custom crafted  by our experienced and skilled craftsmen and artisans. We use  several  carving techniques such a 3-D bas-relief, 2.5-D multi-level raised flat relief , sandblasting, and engraving (both U and V-carved profiles). We also use many  Minwax stain colors, but sometimes use no stain,  on  these impressive and authentic  wood plaques which will retain their beauty over many decades. We also make  plaques that utilize other features, such as 24K gold-leaf,  carved 3-D HDU appliques, digitally-printed colored vinyl photos, and engraved brass plates. We spray all  plaques with two coats of Matthews polyurethane acrylic clear coat for maximum protection and lifetime. All our wood plaques are  moisture-proof, non-fading, graffiti-resistant and long-lasting, and can be placed outdoors as well as indoors.

2.5-D Multi-Level Cedar plaque.

This Gallery describes and shows over fifty  examples of our Cedar and Redwood  plaques. We offer  several carving techniques, special features and plaque sizes  for our wood plaques, each with different prices. The prices for each of these different styles for various size plaques is given on the PRICE web page , listed by style category and plaque size. Our 3-D plaques have higher prices than 2.5-D plaques because of the additional labor and time to carve and hand-sand  them. Prices also depend on plaque size,  which varies depending on wood availability and lumber prices, and any special features. Prices are higher for plaques that have some areas painted with an artist brush, have 24K gold-leafed text or artwork, or have engraved brass plates. See Style Categories 1.3.3  & 1.3.4   on our  PRICE page. 


3-D Bas-Relief California Redwood with Red Mahogany stain.


California Redwood .(Style categories 1.3.3 and 1.3.4) .  In our opinion, no other softwood equals Redwood in natural beauty and richness, dimensional stability and low maintenance. We use only clear all-heart kiln-dried Redwood, with vertical grain and no knots.  Color matching between wood strips is excellent. Being a softwood, like Cedar, it is not ideal for small detailed 3-D plaques, but it is an excellent choice for larger 2-D and engraved plaques and signs. The flying egret plaque in the lower left corner of the picture at the top of this page is made of California Redwood. Our California  Redwood comes from renewable forest farms. We do not use any Redwood from first-growth forests. For every Redwood plaque we sell, we donate to Arbor Day Foundation funds to plant one tree.


Engraved Cedar Plaque

Western Red Cedar  (Style categories 1.3.3 and 1.3.4). We make most  of our wood signs, and many of our wood plaques, from Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is known for its extremely fine and even grain and  its flexibility and strength in proportion to its weight. We use only prime grade knot-free kiln-dried Western Red Cedar which is grown in  Canada. Its  rich coloring,  ranges from a light milky straw color in the sapwood to a chocolate in the heartwood. We try to color match the strips during the signboard fabrication,  if the plaque is left its natural color , otherwise we have to stain the plaque to reduce any color striping that arises from using  different colored strips.  This striping gives it a rustic look which many clients prefer, rather than a uniform color look. Of course, if the plaque is painted, this is not an issue, but then HDU should be used instead because it is less expensive and carves better. Cedar is best suited for larger engraved , 2-D and 2.5-D carved plaques where a "real wood" or rustic look is desired, and it does have beautiful variegated colors for these type of plaques. Cedar is not the best  choice for intricately carved 3-D  small plaques, because it carves fairly roughly due to its wood grain and has to be extensively hand-sanded. Hardwoods like Mahogany or Maple are a better choice.

2.5-D Multi-Level Raised and Engraved Redwood Plaque


The prices for these styles  for various size plaques is given on the PRICE  web page (click here or on PRICE in gold masthead) , listed under Style Categories 1.3.2 and 1.3.3.  Or, you can fill out and submit our on-line Request a quote form. You can also call or email us for a price quote on a specific plaque.  One of our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service Representatives, Christie, Regina, or Liz, will respond to your request promptly.  You can call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at

We will work with you to design and build the exact plaque you want. We take great pride in every product we make for our valued clients. We offer a 2 year warranty on all our products, and our indoor plaques will last many decades without degradation.

Engraved Cedar Plaque


You can go to another Section or Gallery page by clicking on an item in the pull-down menus in the gold masthead at the top of the page.  You  can search for a specific plaque type (e.g., "FBI" ) by entering the key word in the search box in the upper right of the gold masthead. You can view a list and use the navigation bar for all 24  Gallery types by viewing the silver box on the left side of the HOME  page. You can also view different types of plaques for different customer groups (e.g., State Courts or US Coast Guard) by clicking on the TYPE section in the gold masthead above.  You can view a description of all of the different plaque styles by clicking on  the plaque  STYLE section also listed in the gold masthead. 

To request information, a design, a quote, or to place an order, click on the text (e.g., "contact ", " quote", " file" or " order")  in the upper  right of the gold masthead at the top of this page.  All prices are given on the PRICE page in the gold masthead. 

For more information on design options, prices and delivery times, please call us at 951-698- 8484 or email us at, and one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives Christie,  Regina or Liz, will be pleased to help you.