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XP-1270 - Carved Wall Plaque of Coat-of-Arms / Crest,Gold Leaf Gilded

XP-1270 - Carved Wall Plaque of Coat-of-Arms / Crest,Gold Leaf Gilded

Coat-of-Arms with Helmet, Shield and Swords

This plaque, featuring a Coat-of-Arms with Helmet, Shield and Swords is a 3-D bas-relief carving made from High-Density-Urethane and gilded with 24K gold-leaf. The plaque is clear-coated twice. It is suitable for both inside and outside locations. This and similar plaques can be ordered in any size from 16 inches to 60 inches in width.

This Plaque Style is 3-D relief, Gold-leaf gilded (click to see description).

Prices for various sizes of this plaque are given on our PRICE page (click to see prices). The Style Category for this plaque is 1.2.9 . The 3-D custom design fee is additional.

More coat-of-arms, crests, and heraldry plaques are shown on the Coat-of-Arms, Crests, and Heraldry photo gallery page. Please view this page to see over 300 standard and custom plaques featuring these beautiful objects d'art.

If you have a drawing or a photo of a coat-of-arms, a crest, a seal, an emblem, or a logo, we can make a custom 3-D, 2.5-D, or engraved carved wood, HDU, or metal wall plaque featuring its design in any size from 14 inches to 60 inches wide, for either indoor or outdoor use. We can customize or personalize these plaques with carved text for family, individual or organization names, Latin/Greek/German/French/English citations, dates, etc. These can be finished in a variety of styles, including artist-painted in many or a few colors ; bronze, brass, copper, German silver, or aluminum plating; 24K gold or pure silver leaf gilding; or natural and stained wood finishes such as Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Maple or Cedar.

These plaques can be mounted on a wall or podium with several hardware options, including double-backed tape or a keyhole on a nail (small plaques up to 24 inches in diameter); Z-clips (medium size plaques up to 5 ft wide); or threaded studs inserted into a wall (large plaques up to 10 ft wide). Different carving styles, surface treatments and substrate materials for our plaques are described in our STYLE section. Prices for different size plaques are shown on our PRICE page. Both of these sections can be accessed by clicking on these names on the right side of the gold masthead at the top of this page.

This photo gallery emphasizes coat-of-arms and crests for families, but also includes a few coat-of-arms and crests of some organizations. Plaques of the seals and logos of universities and colleges are shown on our University & College Plaques photo gallery. Plaques of college fraternity and sororities are displayed on College Fraternity and Sorority Plaques photo gallery. Plaques of the seals, coats-of-arms, crests, logos and badges of fraternal and civic service organizations and clubs such as the Masons, Elks, Moose, Eastern Star, Knights of Columbus, Kiwanis, etc. are shown on our Clubs photo gallery . Seals and crests of governments, courts, and the military are shown on other photo galleries on this website . Use the pull-down menu under "TYPE" on the right side of the gold masthead above to view these. .

For more information on design options, prices, and delivery schedules, please call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at, and we will respond promptly.

To go to the main coat-of-arms and crest plaque photo gallery, please click on "Return to List" below left.

Hi Christie!

I love the Coat of Arms!  Thank you!  Best,   Patti


I just got the crest and it is better than I could have hoped for! Every detail is perfect! I can not complement you folks enough! Thanks for everyone’s hard work! John

Regina, The plaques  arrived yesterday and they are beautiful.  The photos really don’t do them justice. Thank you for all your help and have a great weekend. Susan

.Christie, I have never responded since this parcel arrived with the two (Christian Science) Publications  plaques from you.  I want to say THANK YOU to you and your entire team for creating exactly what we needed and had in mind. I think there is a possibility of needing to order another of the larger plaque at some point in the future, so if at all possible to keep the artwork on file it would be appreciated. Hoping you and yours had a very Happy Holidays. Warm regards, Peter

Hi Christie, We received our (Iowa) Seal Friday and it looks great! We would like to purchase 10 more. Could you send us an invoice and I will send you a PO?  Thank you, K.R.

Christina,I just got back from lunch and unpackaged the plaque. IT IS GORGEOUS! Thank you for your help with this project.,   E., , Visual Communications Specialist, FASTSIGNS Norman

Hey Regina,I rcvd the seals (for the President and VP of the US)  and they look great.  Thank you very much.  Can you send me an invoice/receipt for the second/final pymnt charged to our card?  Thanks. T.B.,US Secret Service.

Good morning, Regina.     I showed my boss the seal today (State of Florida House of Representatives plaque) and we are all VERY pleased with how it came out. Absolutely stunning work. We’ve been in touch with our billing department for the remaining balance due and you should receive payment soon. My boss is already wanting to get more of these.How much per seal, is there a discount for batch orders, and what other texture/colors do you have access to? Thanks so much once again, Regina!       Daniel

Regina, Wow! The product is incredible! Thank you so much for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you. ..Very Respectfully,Cam 

Hi Christie, again the plaque is beautiful, you guys did a fantastic job, the President is so happy he would like another one exactly the same to put in his house on campus. Can I order another one for delivery as soon as possible? Also, in future if we order more, is there a discounted price for volume, or are they individually ordered…thanks again Christie.    L.C., Finance/Administration, Office of the President ,University of British Columbia

Hi Christie,   Happy Friday!    We all love the seal, it turned out wonderful!  Can I place an order for another one?  We want it to look exactly the same but the next one can have the z-clip hardware.   Thank you, H. T., Second District Court of Appeal

Good afternoon Regina:  The NY Court Seal arrived Thursday afternoon on October 26th. Had it installed Monday, October 30th. Looks great.  I am very happy.  Thanks for all you did for us. B. H., New York

Regina, We received the plaques and they look great. Quality workmanship and product – especially the 3 levels – didn’t expect that. Great work. I’m sure we will use you in the future, Thanks. M.C, Centric Signs, Novato,CA 

Hi Christie, Well arrived, thanks for all. Very Nice product ! Congratulations to your firm. See you. Michel M.

Hi Christie,    Just got the White House  plaque and it is excellent in all respects.  Kudos to you and the artists who made it.  All the best, Scott B.

Hi Regina, The plaques are outstanding. We had an unveiling at our Memorial Day service at our plant.They will be on permanent display at our Veteran/POW/MIA area.    Thank you,, R.A., Boston P&DC, Boston

Hi Christie! 

Yes, the seal arrived in perfect condition.  Everyone here loves it!  Thanks for all your help with this. 
Thanks again, R.J.,  

Regina, Thank you, thank you … you are such a great company and client feels this as well!. Good to go! Monica Kline Fine Corporate Gifts

Christie,, As you will recall, your company created a single sided brass seal for Yancey County back in August.  ..The seal was great and we were very pleased. We want to order a second seal plaque , same as the last one; and  I would like to have the digital file of the seal. I need the highest resolution of the seal that I can get for a separate project I am working on, and hoped you may be able to assist with that ...  Please advise on the best way to proceed on both items.Thanks,N.B.

Paul , That would be fine (to put our sign on your website)....Also, Christie was exceptional to work with...outstanding customer service! J.K., Tinker AFB, Oklahoma

Christie, We received our plaque today...looks fantastic! Tt looks beautiful--you guys do great work! J.K., Tinker AFB

Good afternoon We received the plaque & everyone (which is important) likes it. The invoice goes before the Town Board on 2/14/2017 for approval & the check goes in the mail shortly there after. S.S., Richmond Town Court

Good Morning Christie, I wanted to let you know that everyone is very pleased with our new plaques! We appreciate the great work that you guys did on them. R.C.,Los Banos Fire Department

Regina,    We received the seal this morning. It looks great!!
Thank-You so much for expediting the order & having it here before the "no later than date".
Thanks again, you have exceeded our expectations!!!! A.N., Technical Director

Dear Christie: I received the plaque  ordered.I t is beautiful. We are very satisfied with the work !!!! Sincerely It looks better than we expected. ....Thank you very much for the excellent job. Sincerely,Dr. R.G., DDS

Christie,   The box with the plaque you all created for me came today.  I have to say....AWESOME!  Perfect!  Paint job is just fantastic!  Really well done!    Well done! The sign just makes me giggle         Ed

Dear Regina, Received the (US) Great Seal plaque today wanted to let you know how pleased I  was with work I am thinking about ordering a similar size plaque of the  Great Seal of the President of the United States I suppose you make those as well?  is the price the same? do you have a photo you could e-mail me ?  thank you again for a fine piece of Art Great Job! Best , Larry Zimmer

Hi Regina.  We got the seal and it is beautiful!  Thank you. Kathy Longyear, Court Clerk

Hi Regina, ... It was certainly a pleasure working with your company, and I look forward to another project in the near future. Have a great weekend!  Thanks, Denise, Jonathan Louis Marketing

Good morning Regina, I rec'd the plaque yesterday and it is a work of art!  Kudo's to the artiest! lol!... Thanks for all you do!     Semper Fidelis, Hal 

Regina… Our plaque is awesome! Thanks, Mike Mulcahy

Dear Art Sign Works: The plaques arrived in perfect condition. Well packed, thank you. They are very nice and we are pleased. We'll send you a picture when they're installed. Thanks I. W. Ohio

Dear Regina, We LOVE our sign…Thank You! Regards, Jo D. Interior Designer ASW, We LOVE the signs! Thank you so much. Donna Elliott S

Art SignWorks:   We received the signs today and they are gorgeous! Thanks for all your help and I will be in touch... Tammy