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Christie Valenzuela

 Christie Valenzuela

Corporate Secretary, VP of Administration and Customer Service Representative/Project Coordinator, Co-Owner

Christie is receptionist, sales and our principal Project Coordinator.She is usually the initial point of contact, along with Lane with customers, and initiating getting proofs and quotes to customers, and tracks their projects through manufacturing to shipping and delivery.

Christie grew up in Woodside, CA on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula, and earned a B.A from UC San Diego and a teaching credential from San Francisco State. She has lived in Spain and Mexico and is fluent in Spanish. Her lifelong avocation has been painting watercolors and studying art history, particularly the Italian Renaissance and Dutch Masters. She has two children and lives in Murrieta, California . She enjoys camping, boating, painting, travel, equestrianism, and her 2 children.She is the daughter of Paul Williamson.